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hello everyone! i'm going to England in a few weeks (its a long story why) its probably too cold to get out and do some laser sailing, so i just wondered since the pound has fallen about 1/3rd in value, where's a good sail shop in or around London that's worth a look in? i'm probably going to grab myself a new lycra shirt and some sailing accesories, maybe even a new sail and such like.

thanks for all the help!
You could also try

If you are anywhere near London on the weekend of 7th/8th March, you ought to try and get to the Dinghy show

Apart from the many dinghy classes on display, there are also retailers there including the Laser Centre, Rooster, Purple marine and a number of lectures.

Also, as you are from Singapore (or any other country outside the European Union) you should be able to reclaim the VAT (Value Added Tax = Sales Tax at 15%) provided you go through the necessary procedures at the time you purchase the goods and take them out of the country. This would save you about £42 on the cost of a Laser sail.

This link gives the basic procedures

The major shops that also export should be able to help you with this, however, it is worth calling them first. If you do go to the Dinghy show, don't necessarily expect the retailers to be have the necessary forms with them there, again it would be best to call them first.
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hey everyone, thank you for the replies. i will be in London on the 7/8th weekend i think, if i'm not wrong i get home on the 9th so... we shall have to see! thank you for all the links, now just to figure out if they've got a shop front i can visit and have a good look around :)