sail rigging question

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I had an old sunfish, and the sail was tied to the spars. I want to do the same to a newer (but used) one that I just bought, however I can not find any info or pic to go from. Anyone have any ideas thanks.

Alan Glos

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There are several ways to attach the Sunfish sail to the spars; two are class (racing) legal and the others are not (but still effective.) The most common way is to use the nylon "shower curtain" type clips that come stock with the boat. Otheres simply lace the sail to the spars with one long line that goes
through a grommet, around the spare, then looped back in the line and on to the next grommet. Yes another way is to use individual short lines, one for each grommet tied to the desired tensionn to shape the sail to custom specs
(this is one way to get a very baggy, light air shape in the standard racing sail is favored by light air legend Dave Davies.)

If you don't plan to race and don't want the hassle of lacing the sail and don't want to spend $20+ for a set of nylon sail clips, consider using nylon electrical cable ties with the built-in ratchet lock. They are cheap, plenty strong and very easy to install.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY