Sail Repair Pics

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Maybe I invested more time than this sail is worth, since it had many small holes that seemed to be burned into it, not worn. The sail was still crisp, colorful and with a window, and I had some extra insignia cloth, so I traced out a smaller Sunfish as a patch- and reversed for the other side of the sail. One patch led to the next and now I’ve got a custom sail. Pics are before and after:



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Love it. I've got a hull of a boat with enough dings, I was thinking of doing the same kind of idea. I think it works incredibly well on the sail, especially all the young "fry" Sunfishes! I've got a sail or two that probably will get the same treatment as well.


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I love the look. One of a kind design.
A work of art!

Somebody in the metal business needs to make a sturdy metal cookie-cutter of a 2-inch sunfish—for sale... :cool:

These patches couldn't have been cut by hand—could they? :eek:

X-acto knife? :) Scissors? :confused:

Fiskars save the day... bet all that cutting was still a se-wious digital workout, LOL. I remember cutting stars for my Minifish sail when she ran her Confederate Gunboat theme, and my thumb, forefinger, etc., got all red & aggro from repeatedly working the scissors... :confused: