Sail Raising Sequence

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After years of sailing a single sail Sunfish I now am the happy owner of a Capri 14.2 which I sail on an inland lake in Ohio. We keep the boat at a dock and use an electric trolling motor to get away from and return to the slip. Once out in the clear we raise the sails. I've been hoisting the jib first and then the mainsail. On returning we've lowered the jib first again before lowering the mainsail. Is this the recommended sequence?
Main first Jib Second

My boat has a roller furling jib which makes the jib easy to work with. When I leave the dock I have the jib fureld and the main lowered. I then have my wife and son raise the main. After the main is up we then unfurel the jib. When coming back to dock we furrel the jib then lower the main.
By the way where do you sail in Ohio. I live in north east Ohio and sail at LaDue reservoir and Pymatuning lake.