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I checked out the sails on my new 14.2 in preparation for putting her in the water this weekend and noticed something odd. The main looks like the original (orange, red, yellow horizontal stripes, c14 logo) and is in good shape. The material doesn't seem worn, no tears, overall good shape. The jib is supposedly new, never been sailed. Both are from catalina, the jib is definitely newer. My question is about the jib. The material is much stiffer than the main, almost brittle. It looks like it has developed some pretty nasty creases from being stored folded in the bag. My question is, are these sails made from a different material and how should I store them (especially the jib!) to prevent damage. I've read about "flaking" and rolling and not stuffing, but it seems like no matter what I do the jib creases.
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My new sails I bought for on my Catalina 22 were crisp, stiff, and noisy. While the 20+ year old sails are more like bedsheets.

A friend has racing sails on his Catalina 22, you can't carry on a conversation while raising and lowering the sail on his boat because of the noise from those crispy sails. The creases have smoothed out over time on my sails.

1989 Capri 14.2 Mod2
1984 Catalina 22