Sail number????

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This may sound stupid, but I'm very new to the Laser.

Where can I find the sail number? Is it like the ILYA where you have to join the national assn. and get assigned a number.

I have an old '83 model hull, and can't find a number anywhere on it, and I'm sure that the number on the sail that I have is not the right number.

Any suggestions?
this is off the laser class website...

Check the transom of your boat for the serial number, it'll look something like this: OQTG9363 M900 The first three characters indicate the builder. The next five characters are the sail number. The remaining characters indicate when the boat was built and the model year. Boats with sail number 100,000 and above will have a letter to indicate the first two digits of the sail number. A = 10, B = 11, C = 12 etc.. For example if the serial number is: OQT H1234 Z500 then the sail number is 171234. The first two digits "17" being indicated by the character "H". On older Lasers the last four digits of the serial number may be missing. On very old Lasers, 1971 to 1973 approximately, the sail number only will be found on the deck under the bow eye.
Not to drift off topic, but speaking of the "very old lasers" does anyone know how to tell the year of manufacture... Not to say that there's a big dif between 71 & 73, but just curious...
my "very old laser" has nothing on the transom... just '1769' under the bow eye... a couple poeple said that 1xxx meant the first production year, 2xxx meant the next etc... from that I have a 1971, but I'm not sure how accurate that is... seems strange that in the first production year they would have made 700+ boats.


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When I read the number I did a double take. Actually the reason was my bad memory. Below is a photo of Dave Hasti sailing 1939.
He won the AYC singlehanded championship using that boat in 1974, 1975 and 1976 which earned him the cover of the 1977 club directory


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I met a guy at our lake this weekend goofing around with his Laser. Wooden dagger board, the works. His sail was like 3XXX! A 1972 model hull! I think the sail was original too.
I have the wooden rudder and tiller also... and the wooden grab rails...

they need work, but function ok... I've cine replace the sail, but the original one was an Elvstrom with no sail numbers. I was going to replace the tiller with a new one, but have a romance thing with the wooden gear.
if you decide to keep the woodedn tiller you really need to install some sort of wear strip on top of that tiller to keep the traveler from digging a groove and busting the thing.
if you can find some "half oval" stock you win!!
traveler cleat is easy to replace, unscrew the old one and screw a new one down. Check the holes first and make sure the screws will securely thread into the deck, if not add some 5200 or fill the holes with resin and redrill the holes.
Should get my new ones in the next couple days and replace them this weekend. Thought I was going to be able to get away with just replacing the line.