sail coating spray


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Is it OK to use a waterproofing spray on the the sail with a product like those used on camping tents? Is there any benefit in doing this?
The only product I know of that's been advertised for ultralight aircraft sails is AP 303. I have no experience with it. I believe what you want to avoid is an akaline substance in the presence of sunlight. Why do you wish to treat your sails anyway?
The only product that I have seen mentioned is Sailkote by Team McLube. I have used Sailkote on the hull, sail and tell tails and it seems to work pretty well. See the article under Tips and Tricks on the National SF Class Home page. I found Sailkote at West Marine in a spray can and it was a little expensive.
If you want to recoat your sail to put the stiffness back in or recondition it, do a search for sailmakers and/or sail repair. It probably won't be worth the cost if you sail is more than a few years old and/or well used.
Other than Sailkote, and the stuff mentioned by Al, I know of no other products to treat a sail. Good Luck.