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Sail clips popping off - anyone have a solution?


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I got a new sail from Intensity Sails last year. I'm pretty happy with it but 3 of the sail clips that came with it keep popping off while I'm sailing. Today I was out in winds from 14 - 22mph (yee-ha!!) but they seem to pop off even in lower speeds. I searched the forum for answers but didn't find anything except using sail ties or possibly zip ties. Does anyone have a solution or experience for locking the sail clips somehow? Hot glue maybe? Thanks for any help here


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Some plastics are resistant to glues--including epoxy. :(

Yesterday, someone suggested zip-ties (or "cable-ties" as they're also known).
I have a new Sunfish and two of the sail clips un clipped yesterday. It was my second outing on the new boat and the boom end cap/outhaul broke. So I attributed the rings coming off to that because the sail was flapping around. But perhaps the rings are just lame.

I believe you can use line in place of the rings.


I got a new set when I replaced my sail (APS R.I.P.) and have one or two pop off now and then. You really have to make certain that they are fully engaged as Sailflow said.
It may also be that when they are new the plastic is a little more flexible or still has some mold release agent on it making it more prone to popping out. I am thinking this because the more I use the boat, the less often this happens.


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Thanks for the ideas. I'll try some pliers to be sure they are fully engaged but I'm thinking I might just have a bad clip or two.

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Those 'shower curtain' rings are a PITA, I'd go with line or zip-ties myself, there's a thread or two on using line, I think SC even has some video. :rolleyes: