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Sail, boom, mast, dagger board, rudder for sale

Cactus Cowboy

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Saw an ad for a Laser hull on C/L in SoCal, only $50... the trick would be to get all these components together, LOL. :confused:

Laser sailboat Hull - boats - by owner - marine sale

There's the link, the hull's in Marina del Rey... maybe a buyer can teleport all components right to his house. It'd be a match made in heaven... :rolleyes:

P.S. I'm thinking the hull might need a little work, LOL... ;)
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Bill scantlin

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I just bought a laser hull and need the sail, rudder and centerboard. I might need the spars but my boat came with them and its very expensive to ship anything that is long like that. However I have a friend on the east coast looking for spars in your area. I'm contacting him to let him know you have the spars he's looking for.

Bill scantlin

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by the way, I'm in kansas city, mo. would need the boats packaged and shipped to 64116. you can text me at 816-645-1388 Thanks much If I can get a shipper to ship everything, I might take the all of it. But again, I know its expensive to ship long poles.