Rumours on Master Worlds 2007


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Hello All,

what about rumours on the Master Worlds 2007? I know, ILCA will announce the venue in the middle of December......

I heard about the following venues:

Gandia, Spain near Valencia
Hyeres, South of France
Weymouth, South England

Any more?


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Local scuttlebutt has it that Houston Yacht Club inTexas USA has already arranged through KO Sailing and Vanguard for a fleet of boats. The event would be held just after the NA Masters championships in Austin in mid June...


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It's mid-December now so I assume that we will hear of a definite location some time soon. Does anyone have any inside word on the likely venue?
The international class website changed the wording overnight. It now reads: "As of 19th December the Laser Masters World Championships has been narrowed to three possible venues within Europe. Site inspections have been completed with a decision to be confirmed before the new year." Yesterday they said a decision would be made in mid-December.