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Does anyone have any experience with a Escape Rumba sailboat? I am looking at one and don't really know anything about it. It comes with a trailer and both the boat and the trailer are in good shape. The package is only $700.

It is a durable boat that is simple to rig and sail but I find its usefulness to be very limited. It is relatively slow and has fairly poor upwind performance, too. My sister has one and this past summer (because this is the kind of younger brother I am) I was literally able to sail circles around her in my Sunfish as she struggled to get the Rumba upwind to get back to her beach. We switched boats mid-way and I could make no better headway than she could. It is best as a beginner boat or something to have available at a rental cottage (due to the simplicity and durability) but there isn't much progress that you can make with your sailing with it.