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I thought we could have a thread for real-life sailing incidents where we are not sure of who was in the right according to the rules - and everyone can debate them. I reckon everyone will learn a lot from this thread.

To kick it off, here is one incident that happened to me:

During a race there are three boats (three different classes) sailing next to each other (running on port tack) towards the mark. The inside boat calls for room (as they had an overlap). However, I was the second boat and I felt they had enough room to round the mark already. Therefore I called to them that they had room and to round the mark. The skipper became abusive and demanded that I gybe because he didn't have enough room. He then began bearing away (from the mark) and pushing me closer and closer to the third boat. I called to the third boat to gybe but his reply was that we both had room to round. The first boat pushed me head to wind and then zoomed around the mark before I could get going again. Off the water he came and abused me again, saying that the boat with the inside overlap had rights etc and that I should have gybed. My response was that if I had gybed I would have most likely ripped his sail with the end of my boom, or hit his sidestay.

Who was in the right here?
Also, for future reference - to what extent does the rule about 'unsportsmanlike conduct' include people abusing you?


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The internet and this forum are not proper channels for your complaint at this time.

You need to go directly to the organizers of the event and tell them exactly what happened.

The described behavior has nothing to do with sailing or the game or the racing rules of sailing. Therefore, there is no time limit which has expired.

There is a problem. You have not resolved it. You want some help.

They or any adult sailor will most certainly be willing to give that help.

The person, if your story is correct, was exhibiting the sort of behavior which should cause ANY organization to sanction the individual.

It is certainly proper for the organizers to call a meeting and demand an explanataion from each of you about the incidents.

It is absolutely necessary that the organizers make it clear to each of you that behavior of the described sort is totally unacceptable and those who behave in that manner are ALWAYS unwelcome in any sailing event.

Please go to those organizers and seek their help in resolving your complaint.

Seekign advice from other readers on this forum would certainly be a possible and correct next step if you get no help from those officials.

Last: Thank you for not naming names. Until a person is FOUND GUILTY by the entire system of justice, it is inappropriate to identify those who are only accused. Innovent until proven guilty really is the only decent way to treat people.
hanging people on the internet is always a poor way to seek justice.