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So i was reading through the rules, and it says

(a) Waxing, polishing and fine wet and dry sanding
of the hull is permitted, provided the intention and
effect is to polish the hull only. Polishing/sanding
shall not be used to remove mould imperfections.
(b) Sanding and refinishing of the hull with the
intention or effect to lighten the hull or improve the
performance, finish, materials or shape beyond
the original is not permitted"

does this mean its illegal to restore a boat? i mean i have no intentions of doing nationals but we sometimes get ILCA races in colorado, and does this mean they will enforce them? so essentially since im restoring this laser i cannot race in ILCA regattas. WTF. i know its a one design class but there should be rules for nationals and local events. (for the people who want to go out and have a good time with other laser racers.)


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It's NOT illegal to restore a hull. While doing so, just stay within the rules you quoted, especially 11(b). The second sentence of 11(a) is hard to enforce.

I haven't been to many ILCA District Championships, but unless your boat is way out of line, I wouldn't worry. Of course, you do want your rig to be 100% legal (sail, blades, spars) at such regattas.

At Nationals, it's likely somebody will take a look at your boat.
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so since im filling all of the scratches and going to repaint the boat to the factory settings, im kosher?

im basically "resetting" the boats life.