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Now that the Laser finally has a vang that works a downhaul that can be adjusted while hiking and an outhaul that can be adjusted without flipping over, isn't it time to allow Laser sailors to put the rudder down all the way?
How does one go about proposing a rule change?


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All you need to do is file a little grove in the head of the rudder where it contacts the front of the rudder head. No new rudder or redesign required. Add a simple rule that states the rudder cant go under the boat to limit the amount of rudder rake.


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Have you ever just ground one out and tried it?

I have and I don't think the difference was all that huge. I did it in 1985 because a few guys swore it was "the way to make a laser faster."

It did change the feel just a little but if I had not carried two rudders and sailed with each one within minutes, I never would have been able to find a difference.

Mostly I know this to be true. The rudder is fine as is. If your rudder will not steer your boat, you are doing something else to overcome the rudder's force.

Example: If you want to bear off, heal teh baopt to weatehr or ease the sail.

You could probably bear off more easily with a J-24 rudder hanging off teh back of a Laser but, you would go more slowly 100% of the time to buy that extra steering.