Rule 69 in a club race

Dang...Bradley went all grown up on us kids again!!

Cussing at others is an art...
Offensive is in the mind of the beholder.

If you use your entire vocabulary, some folks within earshot might be very upset and feel a need or even a right to take action.

Personaly?? I couldln't care less about the words themselves. I am more interested in the context.
A guy who is holding my shirt and calling my mother a whore is probably going to feel a very personal and direct response.

A person who says she was fornicatingly cool and kicked derrieres in sailboat races ..Is probably an old friend..

The concept of removing so called "cuss words" from the race course is , in my world, an absurdity. Many of us use the words among ourselves as freely as we use howdy or oops. In fact many of us include the so called F word in both greetings and complaints about our own oopses.

It is safe to say, I find those who are offended by simple words or who cannot even use the words when discusing their proper use, to be petty and offensive in their own right.

I am far more worried about who takes his / her turn to run the races than I am about whether somebody says some naughty word.

I love speaking with as flowery of words as I can generate. Sometimes incredible needs those extra seven letters in the middle to properly comunicate the beauty of the passing bikini and its contents.

Maybe Gosh will send me to rot in heck.


Just sailing
When it comes to using swear words on the race course (and elsewhere in life), I aptly curse like a sailor. Doesn't particularly bother me, but I know there are other who are bothered by it.

Out on the race course, I will swear a lot when something happens to ME or more realistically when I do something stupid to myself - capsize on tack, drop the mainsheet, hit a mark, etc.

I think there are lightyears of difference between swearing at yourself and directing it personally towards somebody else - another sailor or the race committee.