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Rudder/Tiller/Extension for sale


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I have a rudder/tiller/tiller extension for sale from a 2004 14.2. It was misplaced, a new one ordered for the boat so we could make our vacation trip, then found after the fact. So I'm selling the original one and keeping the new one. The new one cost me $580 after tax and shipping. So if you need a perfectly good one for less, make an offer! Located in SF Bay Area for local pickup, or I'd estimate $50 to ship it.




Don't need to buy it but just a related observation about this hardware. I have a Mod 1 and what is real important is to be sure the bolts that connect the tiller to the rudder housing are secure. They can work loose and cause mayhem if you're in heavy weather, possibly causing rudder seperation from the boat! I suggest using some loc-tite to assure no worries.........