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I'm refurbishing a 1969 Sunfish (S.N. 60935) with new style rudder and need a rudder head. The hull needs a few minor repairs and a new sail. I have or will make the other parts to the rudder, though.

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Nice looking boat, well worth getting back on the water. As you probably know, there are two rudder configurations, the so called "old style" (pre=1972 with bronze hardware that fits the bronze deck and keel hardware that I see in the photo of your boat and the "new style" that has a metal or plastic rudder head with kick up springs on the sides that attaches to the transom with a stainless steel "U" shaped bracket. Which do you need? Have you (or do you plan to) retrofit to the new style? I have bronze rudder attachment hardware that would fit your existing old style hardware an an old style tiler handle an a template to make a new rudder blade from 3/4" stock. Or I could sell you a complete conversion kit at a very decent price to upgrade to the new style rig,

I also have a very nice green and white class legal sail that would be a match for our deck graphics, Feel free to e-mail me at:
if you are interested in any of these options.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY
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