Rudder Gudgeon Hole Spacing

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Has anyone had an issue replacing older oxidized plastic gudgeons with newer ones? I have a '96 with OEM gudgeons stamped with "Made in New England" and the hole spacing doesn't match the new ones from Nautos. They think I'm nuts and have none Laser gudgeons installed, but I know they were original with the boat. I can't be the only person in the World who has replaced plastic gudgeons with a new set...right???


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Did you buy it recently? Did it have any markings? "Holt Allen", "Nautos Allen"? It seems that Nautos might be the only manufacturer or gudgeons today and they clearly don't fit. The 2 outer holes on port and starboard match my older gudgeon, but the distance between the holes on either side is much larger than mine. They are about an 1/8" off. I have talked with APS, Laser Performance and even Nautos and nobody can believe mine don't match. Seems odd for a one-design if it is just a manufacturer brain fart.

I have the same issue on a 167 000 Laser from 1999 sold in Sweden. When I bought new blue gudgeons the spacing over the middle section is slightly wider on the new ones. I was told to fill the holes and drill new ones as the new ones hade the only spacing available.
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I was replacing old oxidized gudgeons just for esthetics. I opted against filling and re-drilling. Instead I wet sanded and polished the old chalky gudgeons back to shiny blue. Then I switched to the vang to try out a quick pin that my friend gave me. It fit perfectly in the new vang, but wouldn't fit in the vang tang hole from my '96 mast. I went over to my friends '07 and it fit thru both. "One-design". And I'm the crazy one!?


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I realize the OP has resolved his situation, but I will offer this.

Rather than filling and re-drilling, what about turning the holes in the new gudgeons into slots with a Drimmel tool? And maybe use washers with the screws to spread out the load.