Rudder For Sale or Return for Reward


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Hello, I was out beach combing on the western end of Lake Ontario and found this laser 2 rudder. if it's yours, I will return it for a reward or I am willing to sell it. 50$ plus Puralator courier ground freight costs (usually about $100)

This rudder is stainless and fibreglass, and everyone thought they don't float, but in a wicked storm on the lake, this rudder ended up on a pile of rocks, 20feet above the lake


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You could be a nice guy and just give it beack to whoever lost it.... Also, hate to bust your bubble, but that rudder is just about junk anyway as it would not measure in at a class event in it's current condition. Adjust your fire to $50 + shipping and you'll probably get a bite.


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I had it listed on Kijiji for 50$ and nobody
was interested, so I upped the price and got 3 replies so fAR