Rudder Blisters

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I recently purchased a '86 Capri 14.2 sailnumber # 1878,

Boat was unused and stored outside for the last ten years but has cleaned up very well, Spars and sails were stored indoors and in great shape.

The major cosmetic issue is the rudder, which has numerous blisters, various sizes from 1/8" to 1/2" in diameter. Centerboard looks good.

Blisters seem to be only in the paint layer, and I am guessing caused from out-gassing from the core

What is the rudder core made of - Foam ? Wood ?

Anyone else have this problem?


Ed Jones

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I'd suggest you grind out the blisters and fill them with white Marine Tex, then sand it smooth. Should be good for a few years.
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Thanks for the suggestions.

Was wondering more, if this was a common problem.

Rudder is solid , stiff and no dings - just has those polka dots

I missed the Foam core in the FAQ.

Fairwinds and good sailing,