Rudder and Daggerboard help

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Hi all,
I have a wooden rudder and centerboard for my project boat laser. I bought them used so don’t know what kind of wood it is but the paint is coming off and i plan to sand it this week. It’s wood and obviously going in the water so i want to seal it but i don’t know what kind of sealant to buy. I don’t want to put turpentine on it or anything that will stain it or pollute the water but don’t really want to slap more paint on it either. If the wood looks good after sanding i may just leave it and put a clear coat on it. I want a clear coat on it anyway. I want to seal it. Any suggestions?

Rob B

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Standard marine varnish will work. It's out of the water way more than it's in the water. You'll want to refinish it every couple of years or so. Particularly to protect the leading and trailing edges for wear.