Rooster or new Laser XD tiller

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Hi everyone

Really a question for UK laser sailors as seems to be only two carbon tillers easily available here. I've snapped in half my Laser XD carbon tiller (the newer triangular section type) and wondering whether to replace with the same or a Rooster one. Hear the Rooster one is better made, stiffer and stronger but the traveller perhaps more likely to get caught. It is also about a little cheaper.

PS.... don't hang onto the tiller on a windy capsize to windward !:eek:
Okay, being not UK Laserite but GER Liserite and having early the same options on the market like you "jjsailors" I definitely would recommed the rooster tiller. I have seen, at UK market, there is another seller of carbon tillers: "C2 Marine" perhaps someone is able to tell also about this tiller something? Here is the Homepage of C2 Marine:
Ciao LooserLu
As mentioned on another thread last week. I've used the same Rooster Carbon Tiller for the last 8 years. I'd look carefully at any new tiller to ensure that it's strong in the place where the last one broke.
Out of interest where did it break?
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Thanks for replies.

The tiller broke about 15cm in front of the wear plate - where it starts to significantly narrow I suppose. The boat was on its side with me trailing in the water and the sail still driving I suppose so significant upward force. I need to remember to let go ! Its amazing how paperthin the carbon is - explains the lightness. Remarkable stiff though but arguably prone therefore to this type of sudden failure.

'Laser 173312' - do you find the traveller gets caught on the Rooster wear plate when mega tight? Is it a really tight good fit in the stock with no play? The XD one was an excellent fit.


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Hi jjsailors,

I have the Rooster tiller and extension. it has been my tiller and extension of choice for my last 3 Lasers (I bought a brand new boat a few years back and went out and bought the Rooster tiller and extension).

The Laser XD ones are pretty fragile, I have heard a lot of stories of the breaking and seen a fair few break myself. I have never seen a Rooster one snap whilst in use (I have seen one break because someone trod on it though). I have capsized a few times to windward in a blow and not had time to let got of the extension with no ill effects (aside from a sore wrist).

In short I would highly recommend it over the Laser one. Steve C's party piece when demonstrating the strength was to put one between 2 chairs and stand on it, it would bend but not break!

I am sure Sailorchick will be along shortly to put her 2p in, she loves the Rooster kit as much as I do (then again I sail an 8.1 and look like Mr Rooster when I sail).

Oh I forgot to say I have never had an issue with it catching either....
Hi Jeffers, yes I do love the rooster kit - and I occasionally sail the 8.1 (done the nationals both years now).

I've had the rooster tiller since 2005, its going strong and I've never know the plate to snag a mainsheet - always put electical tape over each end of the plate anyway.


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See! LOL

Most UK people love the Rooster kit like most UK people prefer the Harken vang to the Holt vang (but that is another story).

Oh my latest tiller came with tape at the edges of the wear plate when new so I have not done anything to it.
I sail the rooster tiller too, still going strong for 2 boats and 4 years now, seen a lot of the XD's break or start splitting after a while, there al also a lot of isues with the new xd tiller: wear plate, clamcleat,....
Most people who bought them here in belgium arent to pleased with it, still sail it, but had some work with it. Looks to boombastic for me to, the rooster is a classic tiller, no special effect to make it cool, it just has to sail fast.
The wear plate fell off my XD after just a couple of weeks use. Also the laminate has started to fall to bits as well.

Wouldn't recommend them from a build quality perspective, and I also have problems with the blocks in light airs at traveller tensions which gave my previous tiller no problems at all.
The wear plate fell off my XD after just a couple of weeks use...
I had the same problem. The originally plate is lost in a lake. I cut out a new one and did glue it with epoxy resin to the XD tiller. Aft a battle in strong winds the plate got loose, too. Fortunately I did secure it with some tape, so it not got lost. But is seems, the tiller bends under load of the rudderblade, so, the plate allways gets loose in stomy seas. Has anyone a good idea for a successfull durable fixing of the plate on the oval XD carbon tiller of PSE (except fixing it with 2 screws or 2 rivets)?


Rob B

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APS does a less than flattering write up about the XD tiller in their "stern scoop". You can go to their site and read it. They also review the tiller extension and compare them to other brands.
I bought my son a Rooster tiller for Xmas, really pleased with the finish and fit in rudder stock. Still waiting to use it, we've not had any wind 'Up North' for weeks.
Just got to hope he's not faster than me now !!