Ronstan Orbit 55 Auto-Ratchet Block for Mainsheet

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Perfect mainsheet block for sunfish racing or cruising. Have a look. This is what most of the top Sunfish sailors are using.
The illustrated block looks like it has the Dyneema spectra-like attachment rather than the original style stainless shackle. How do you like that compared to the fully pivoting stainless steel arrangement? Does it ever bind? I've kind of wondered about this attachment and could see where it would be an improvement for a lot of sailing applications, but wasn't sure about it as a Sunfish block.

Thanks in adavnce.
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I am actually using this same exact block, but with the stainless swivel attachment as you describe, and it is great. Top racers use the block with the dyneema strap, and they like that too. You need to attach it to a stainless strap on the deck with smooth edges so you don’t have to worry about cutting into the dyneema. Others have just added a small shackle in between the dyneema and stainless strap on the deck. The block itself, and auto-ratchet are great for line sizes up to 3/8”.
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The Ronstan block is a few grams lighter, but the big difference is the auto-ratchet. That is really great to use for racing once you get used to it.
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