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For Sale: Roller Furling

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Roller Furling System with Jib

Only $100.00

Switched to racing sails and no longer need my roller furling

For Sale Harken 434 Small Boat Furling System

Includes Drum, Swivel Kit and Furling Line
All small boat furling systems require a jib with a luff wire properly seized to sail.
I have a jib that I will throw in to the deal. It has some uv damage that has been repaired with sail tape on the Leech but is otherwise in good shape. Sail maker indicates it could be fixed permantly for $150.00
Price new $255.00 from Harken w/o sail
Price new $199.00 from Catalina w/o sail

Info from Harken
Harken small boat furlers allow the sail to be set and furled from the cockpit, a critical convenience in many racing dinghies and trailerable sailboats. These systems, now sold as drum and swivel kits, are for roller furling, not for reefing. Constructed of Hardkote anodized Teflon-impregnated aluminum, they feature multiple stacked races of Delrin or Torlon ball bearings for smooth rotation under load. The jib’s luff wire must be properly seized to the sail, since it carries most of the headstay load.

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i will take your roller furling set up. let me know where to send the money and if you want pay pal or postal money order. thank's,flip purvis my cell# is 315 592 1313