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Just bought and started sailing my Capri 14.2 # 4605. What a pleasure! It still has the factory jib with the slip off clips. I'd like to change to roller furling. Any hardware recommendations? (what kind?, supplier?). Can I have my current jib modified to work or do I need a new one? Thanks - this forum is a great help
I am new to sailing, but, my boat has a Harkin Jib Furler and has what I believe to be the original jib. The furler seems to work well. I am getting better at the routine of derigging (if that's a word) and wrapping the Jib sheets so that the jib doesn't unfurl while off of the boat.

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Thanks Art -

I found a Harken Small Staysail Furling System (HAR1851) listed on SailNet for $262. Does that look like the right part? I guess I'd then have to find a loft to modify my current jib or pay the bucks for a new one..
This is starting to sound expensive, so I'd like to be sure before I commit.......

The one you mention looks much more heavy duty than the one that came with my boat. . In addition mine does not have the cleats. I just bring the line back and wrap it around the jib sheet track adjusting knob. It does get in the way sometimes. The cleat looks like a good idea, but I would question how easy it would be to uncleat from the helmsman position in the cockpit.

The one in this link looks more like mine

The furler was with my boat when I bought it so I am not sure what needs to be done to adapt the Jib. I do not know what the 14.2 looks like without the furler. I have only had a look at the Luff of the Jib when I was sailing. It is rolled up nicely when not on the boat. But what I remember is, the drum of the furler is attached to the same point that the "normal" forestay would attach at the bow of the boat. The top pin on the drum goes through a grommet at the tack of the jib (I think). I believe that there is also a cable that runs through a "pocket" along the luff. that attaches to the top of the drum and the bottom of the swivel, along with a grommet at the head of the jib. Then, there is another cable (about a foot and a half) that runs from the top pin on the swivel to the mast.

I would also suggest that you look through the old Forum archives. I am sure that I remember seeing posts regarding actual part numbers etc..

I would hope that you would not need to modify the jib itself.

Also you may want to contact catalina to see if they now mak a furler or could recommend one along with the modifications required.

I will try to look at the furler setup more closely when I get home (near Philadelphia) right now I am in San Diego on business and I am going to try to rent a boat on Mission Bay this weekend. Unless someone who lives here wants a crew!!!
Take a look here for Harkens furler install directions. It talks about the luff of the jib and what it requires.

Also, Mine looks like 434 or 435. When I get a chance, I will see if mine has a model # anywhere on it.
Thanks Art

Afetr deleting the punctuation mark on the web link, I found the hardware you described. It looks like it would work fine -

I tried to access the old forum, but couldn't figure out how to open it. I thought I had seen something there as well (before I bought my boat) but I didn't pay enough attention. Is there a trick to accessing the old forum? last question - did you have a separate headstay, or is it replaced by the roller furling hardware?



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2nd_Wind said:
Thanks Art -

I found a Harken Small Staysail Furling System (HAR1851) listed on SailNet for $262. Does that look like the right part? I guess I'd then have to find a loft to modify my current jib or pay the bucks for a new one..
This is starting to sound expensive, so I'd like to be sure before I commit.......

check out You might find a better price.
I do not have any support at the forestay except for the jib furler/jib assy.

The link that 2nd_Wind posted does seem to have excellent prices!


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I just bought a Capri 14.2 , and I too want to add a furling for the jib when I'm not racing. I've researched it, and according to my sources the correct part number is: HAR434. There is also a higher load model that weighs the same, etc., and it's part number is: HAR435. The model number you referred to before (HAR1851) is not the one you want, and far more expensive. You can view the items above at, or at They are $151.10, and $181.20 respectfully at

I've been told that you can use the jib you have, and all you have to do is change the forestay wire to a thicker one. I have the same problem.

I have mine on order, and should have it soon. I've been re-assured it will work fine. Next time your in Southern California let me know, and we'll go sailing.



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I couldn't find any model number on my furler. You may want to wait for Dennert to get his installed to order yours. Just be sure that both of you have the same Mdel # (I, II or III) of the 14.2. I am not sure if there are any differences in the stading rigging, but......

Dennert, I toolk a sail on Mission bay on Saturday, 10/11/03 in a Hobie Holder 14. It was overast (marine cover) most of the day, no rain and always a light constant breeze.

I have only sailed on lakes, so when the guy at the rental shop started talking about the tide going out, I only half understood what it meant.
Sucked out to SEA!!!

Not exactly, but, I did spend an hour and half fighting the channel current (same direction as the wind) to go about 100 yards. I kept tacking and pointing at the same landmark. There was a small wake behind the rudder but I was not moving in relation to the land.

I have a trolling motor and paddles on my 14.2 in case the wind dies. The boat I rented came with the PFD and the boat.

All in all it was a nice day. You guys are verylucky with the breezy winds and warmer weather.

I will look you up if I make it back there again.
Wow, that's a scarey story Art. Glad you made it back. I'm headed out there hopefully in November and want to rent a boat. Where did you rent from, and would you recommend the place?
I believe that it was Mission Bay Sport Center located in the Northwest corner of the bay. I had 2 places to choose from, the other one had Capri 14.2 or 16.5 keel model for $50 for 4 hours. I did not want the keel model so I chose the other rental place.

The Hobie holder 14 is about the same size as the cpri 14.2 and I felt somewhat at home.
It had a jib furler, but was "manual" meaning that you had to crawl out on the bow to wind it up. I do not think that you need the furler in Mission Bay as much as here, so that's not a big deal.

I liked the staff (listen to what they say about the tide!). They met me at the dock upon return and were pleasant.

I was somewhat surprised when I didn't even get a paddle. There are "rescue patrols" on the bay that will call into the rental place for them to send a boat. It was stated that you would be charged a $50.00 flat fee if that occured. But the staff kind of indicated that it doesn't happen often and that they usually do not charge.

I guess that it is less likely that you will ever see a no wind situation there, but, I was caught in the tide current and was having some difficulties. It would have been nice to have a paddle for some security.

As for the boat I feel it was in general disrepair. Maybe this is what rentals look like.

Centerboard (Daggerboard not a swing) was splitting and swelling
The spreader bars were missing
About 2 hours into the journey I realized that the cotter ring was missing from one of the shroud connections.
The other shroud seemed to be "rigged" (no pun intended) in a strange way that I don't want to go into.

All in all nothing stopped me from enjoying the sail, but I did see some definite safety concerns and it made me appreciate my boats shape and the equipment.

Dennert (Drake) may be able to make recommendations of where to rent or sail


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If I was to rent out of Mission Bay, I would do it out of Paradise Point Resort. They have the best fleet, and selection. Not to mention a great place to stop and have lunch. However, you could always drop me a line, and there is a good chance we could just go out in my boat.

I got my parts in for the roller furling, but havn't had the chance to install it yet.

Roller Furler

Hi Drake,

How did the Harkin furler work out for you? Did you need to replace the forestay cabling? Would you recommend it to someone else? Thanks! Chris
Furling Gear

I have a mod II capri 14.2 that came from the factory with a roller furler. I just wanted to let you know of the modifications needed to install a furler. First, the correct part number is HAR434. Also, you will need a 15" wire pennant and a shroud adjuster. You will also need to take your jib to a sailmaker and have the rope in the luff (front) of the sail replaced with a luff wire. Your jib will also double as the forestay, eliminating that much more wires.
I hope this helps with your search.

Paul Austin
Mod II 14.2
hull # 4309