Roller furling to fixed Forestay

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Bought a used C14.2, '99 model, $750! Sails had to be replaced. Neil Pryde 3.8 oz dacron for $470 delivered. I'm pleased so far but..., the old head sail was on a roller furler with the forestay actually a part of the jib. The new sails have hanks. I need a forestay (and a mast step), but has anyone run into this issue and have any advise? I've contacted the local Catalina dealer but they have been SLOW to respond.
Newbee Scott

Call or email Catalina direct and order your forestay.
Pt# 82059, Forestay @ ~ $18.00
While you're at it order two shrouds just for good insurance. They're a little more expensive but you'll have a fresh rig.

They're pretty good at shipping the parts out quickly.

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how about the hallyard?

Without the benefit of a handbook or parts list, where does my hallyard come from and go to? The roller furler jib was fixed without a hallyard before I got rid of the rag. Seems like a little bit of an issue to me, albeit one that I can overcome with help.
Thanks, Scott


I had the same situation. You'll need to drill a block into the mast that will hold the 1/4" halyard. I believe I drilled mine around 70" below the top of the mast. If I'm not mistaken the exact measurement is in the class handbook so you might want to order one. I've posted my 1991 Capri manual online but I don't think there is any info on the halyard block in there but you can check again.

Well that's what I did, but believe me I'm no expert, maybe someone else can chime in.



I don't suppose you could take another picture a bit further back. I was wondering where the pennant/shroud adjuster fits to the mast for a roller furling jib. It seems like that's the shroud adjuster for the fixed jib just to the right of the picture.
You install the forestay by securing the mounting plate to the mast.
This is the same mounting location as the roller rig.
The plate will come pre-installed from Catalina

The halyard pulley mounts just below this plate. 66" from top of mast to the top mounting screw.