Roller Furling Storage

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This is probably a really dumb question, but the boat I just bought ( my first boat) has a roller furling jib and I'm a bit confused on how to store the sail. The forestay actually runs through the sail correct? I would like to put the jib in a bag, but it doesn't seem like a good idea to bend the forestay along with it, and it doesn't seem very easy to thread it through the sail, so probably not something you want to take out frequently. Any thoughts? What am I missing here?
I roll my jib in a loose coil, about 3-4 turns and then put it in a sail bag. This has worked for me for a long time. The person I bought the boat from stored it that way for a long time before me. If you go to West Marine or any rigging shop, you will see the same stainless wire stored on a coil and it is unwound as needed, that alone tells me coiling the jib is ok. Understand, I am not talking about kinking the wire/jib, I am talking about a loose coil.