Roller furler sail attachment

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We have a roller furler on our newly purchase boat (1989). The headsail seems loose when up along the luff because I think that the tack is not attached down to the boat or the furling drum. It looks like it is just loose around the wire luff. This caused the sail to be loose and when furling, the sail to twist up at the top of the sail. Should the tack be connected in some manner to the furling drum? If so, how do you attach it?

Roller furling jib attachment

Mine was attached at head-swivel and tack-drum with several wraps of stainless seizing wire. The wire was buried under the cloth tableing. The original luff was also sewn tightly to the forestay but I found my replacement jib works well with the luff only snapped onto the forestay wire. When seizing the tack and head be sure to carefully adjust the length of the luff with the length of forestay. Of course I taped over the seizing wire.
Furler questions

I am in the process of adding a furler system to my MOD 3 boat.
The boat came with a guide near the front of the bow and a clam cleat on the deck near the mast, for the furling line. The jib has a wire in the luff, and it currently has some hanks on it. The jib appears to be made to go either way. The wire in the luff is a bit lazy, but when I put tension on it > it then straightens out. It also seems a bit smaller gage then my current forestay
Does anyone else have a mod 3 boat > that came set up to easily go either way? My hull number is US CPSD5108D202. What info can you get from this number? I see members throwing out hull numbers > is this a 202 or a 5108??
I got the idea on this form that I could borrow the plastic coated 15" pennant from my vang, but on this boat it is pressed into the block. I wanted to have it for the weekend but I found one other problem. My current forestay is crimped into my forestay tang on the mast. I would rather not mess with my forestay wire and just buy a new tang. > Just in case I want to switch back and use my forestay wire.

I put all of my gear on the floor and measured it all which included the my 2 inch carabiner (plan to attach this to the Forstay tang) and shroud aduster.
Without the tension and laying on the floor it seems I need a 14" pennant. This would give me the 15' 3 1/4.
How much should I compensate for being under load? I just want to be close as I can tune it later with the shroud adjuster.

Any info would be cool