roll-on trailer for seitech dolly - looking for pics, info

glasky said:
These types are popular in Australia.

Usually have angled metal cleats that hold the rear sidebars down and secure near the Dolly wheel axle join when you slide the dolly foreward enough to secure the centre front pin. Most use a clip thru the front pin but you can tie it down to the central bar if you wish.

Many existing light trailers can be converted to this format - just need a slide bar at the rear (above trailer lights) and a front cross-bar or Ubolt plate with pin if a single centre bar trailer. If you 'drag' the dolly and boat on (instead of pushing it on as in the Sietech photos) you don't need a channell to guide the dolly.
I have a mackay multi link trailer. Its so easy after a sail to pull the boat up because of the teflon strip. I recommend these trailers to all laser sailers, so quick and easy!!! At first it was hard getting the dolly on by myself because it wouldnt come up striaght sometimes but i got used to it.
Here are some photos of a roll-on trailer that I have used for past several years. The key is the center "track" where the front of the dolly slides when you pick up the back. I used a PVC pipe cut in half which works well. Something to consider when you create your own is the fore-aft placement of the dolly axle in relation to the trailer axle. Too far forward and the hitch gets heavy, too far back and your trailer will wander from side-to-side and possibly become unstable. The general rule of thumb is to have a hitch weight of about 10% of the total weight of the trailer. I wanted my setup to be as low as possible so I placed my dolly wheels just in front of the trailer wheels which creates a bit more hitch weight than I wanted but since the trailer is so light it's not a big deal and tows great. I also created a front beam with a cradle that allows me to place additional spars (radial, etc) below the boat and so I can flip the boat over onto the deck when trailering long distances (additional rear cradle fits on to of rear guides not shown).