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Rivets for Clam Cleats on Boom for Outhaul & Cunningham?


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Hello all,

I am adding clam cleats to the lower booms on our two Sunfish. I know screws or rivets can be used and I am leaning towards using rivets. The Clam Cleat manufacturer shows 3/16" rivets as one of the fastener options. Then states the rivets to use are type PT247RIV Long Mandrel 3/16" Rivets. "A standard mandrel can be too short to be gripped when a rivet gun nozzle is extended. The extra long mandrel on the PT247RIV solves this problem."

They are in the UK and I am not sure where to purchase this rivet or one similar in the US. I appreciate any help. The links and a couple of photos from their site are below.

Also any recommendations on rivet guns is appreciated as well. I have never used a rivet gun and need to purchase one.




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Yes. His video is very helpful. I was one who had been asking for a video on installing the outhaul and Cunningham, so appreciate Lee filming one.

He mentions rivets can also be used. And I believe the Sunfish manufacturers use rivets for the racing version. And I think they use aluminum rivets, which will help with corrosion due to the galvanic reaction between the aluminum boom and other metal, such as SS screw or rivet.