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Righting lines

Has anyone rigged up some kind of righting line on a single hander?

Im hoping for something i can put a loop in that i can use as a step to get up onto the centreboard, while i build my upper body strength

But i also don't want it to be yet another rope to get tangled in while im sailing

Im hoping to avoid drilling holes in the boat. Hoping for something i can just tie on

Any tips or ideas appreciated!


There is some discussion of this recently over at the Sunfish Forum:

In the re-enactment of this rescue, we used the main
sheet of the righted Sunfish to fashion the stirrup. I tied
a bowline loop in the end of the sheet and extended it
toward the windward side. The swimmer drew the line
toward her to a comfortable step position and placed her
forward (left) foot into it (Photo 3). The sheet was
secured by wrapping it once around the top of the
daggerboard, raised about six inches out of its trunk
(Photo 4). This improvement made it unnecessary to
have an auxiliary line on board. The swimmer stepped
up using the stirrup and crawled into the cockpit (Photo
Thanks tag, that is helpful! I definitely like the idea of using the mainsheet with a bowline in it to get back into the boat.

Do you think that would work to actually help get myself onto the centreboard?


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Not only would a righting line be as you say, yet another line to be tangled in, but also illegal. Definitely no :eek: new holes!

You don't need to get your whole body up on the centreboard, it should be enough that you get a hold on the tip of the board... even with one arm. (How's your shoulder?)

Tag's links describe somewhat different scenarios, where you have someone else helping. Even if you tried to use existing lines, you'd have to get them from the other side (or from under) the boat. Wouldn't help much if you were really all by yourself.

I definitely won't be drilling new holes.

I just wanted to have some way of getting onto the centreboard if I need to, so that I don't get stuck capsized & drifting away from the fleet & unable to get the boat to come up again.

I grabbed onto the end of the centreboard with both arms & hung off it & pushed my feet against the bottom gunnel. The boat wouldn't come up. :(