Rigging, What is it? Newbie


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Can someone identify this rigging for me please? It’s on a C&C37. I’m new to sailing and boats I’ve been on or have seen in the past have not had this. It’s between the mast and forward hatch.

thanks for helping a new guy.
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Looks like a babystay adjustment system. Pulling the car forward prebends the mast.


Dale Tanski

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Yes a babystay is designed to prebend the mast and it is also useful to reduce mast pump in choppy conditions. As the boat accelerates and decelerates through the waves the center of the rig tends to move forwards and backwards as the hull slows down and speeds up with each wave. The mast pumping wreaks havoc with the mainsail trim so often the babystay is pulled on until the mast pump disappears.