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So I bought a new sale for my 1980 sunfish I just bought and it'll be coming soon. I also bought all new running rigging too. My question is, did all sunfish have ratchet blocks? Mine didn't come with one and unless I installing I am not sure what I would use to make the fish rig like the new ones today. Any help/opinions would be appreciated!


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Most of the new boats come with an eye strap and a block for the mainsheet. racing sailors switch out the block for a ratchet block. I would recommend the same for recreation sailors. I do not use cleats on my Sunfish. I sell a complete kit ready to install. It is a Nautos ratchet block, eye strap, stand up spring, foam pad to protect the deck from the stand up spring and bolts for $62 which includes shipping. If you prefer a Harken ratchet add $20. cjo1023 at yahoo dot com

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Our 1980s Sunfish had a bronze hook on the cockpit lip. I'm not sure when they started adding swivel cam cleats or the current blocks.

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So are you supposed to use that hook like you would ratchet block?
The hook is used to hold the main sheet and provide some drag (friction) on the sheet. You put the sheet under the hook and pull up to reduce the force needed to hold the sheet. Mounting a ratchet block replaces the hook and provides a quick-release cam cleat action.



a ratchet cleat is a worthy upgrade - I'd highly recommend it. my preferred setup is a ratchet cleat on the deck, and a cam cleat on the lip of the cockpit.

here is my setup on my older Sunfish (prior to installing a stand-up spring):

and here on my Minifish, the cam cleat ended up on the cockpit wall (no lip to mount it to).

I like the Harken 2135 for the block. Intensity Sails also has a cheaper one (that's what is on the Minifish). for the cam cleat, it is a Harken H150. the stand-up spring and eyestrap are a few dollars total.



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Just bringing up this stale thread for others in the future. This weekend I added this setup similar to tag's above and I really like it. Wind was moderate and inconsistent and I never felt in danger of flipping it. I found the sheet was very easy to uncleat in a hurry if necessary.

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