Rigging help

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i just bought a 1990 14.2 and am looking for someone to teach me how to rig it. Right now the boat is at my house in Palm Springs California. Shortly I will be taking it up to big bear lake California where I will keep the boat. I can bring the boat to you, or you can bring your boat up to big bear and stay at my house. I will pay you for your time. I just need someone to teach me how to rig the boat. Feel free to call or text me. 760-220-2100.
Looking for some help here.

While trailering the boat I hit some power lines and bent the mast at a 90 degree angle.

Any idea on how to fix this or where I might be able to get a new one?
You could cut the bad area out and insert in a sleeve and rivet it back together. Short of that.....you need a new mast!