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po-man sailor

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Can I get a little input on rigging the bridle?
Which is better and why?
The bridle with a single point of attachment like the original cable loop style vs a rope bridle with main sheet tied on with a bowline or traveler system...
I would like to know technical advantages of speed, maneuverability, easy of sailing if any apply.
Thanks guys

Charles Howard

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If you want to class race you will need the two loop cable bridle and bowline.

If not racing, I would do a rope bridle with a bowline. For a while sunfish came with a roller on the bridle but no real benefit.

The original 3 loop bridle would prevent the sheet from sliding to both side which hurt the sail shape.

po-man sailor

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I'm not comprehending the last paragraph.

Also i'm thinking also if it doesn't attach to a single loop in the middle it spreads the stress to 2 points of attachment instead of 1.


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On a single-sail boat, you want to set the boom at a non-zero angle to the centreline in order to gain maximum VMG (best speed/height compromise) upwind. Also, you don't need very much twist (difference in angle between top and bottom of the sail) going upwind, so you want the sheet to pull more or less straight down. Therefore the sheet lead (the point towards which the sheet pulls) should be to leeward of the centreline at all times. The original Sunfish bridle setup obviously didn't take this into account, but it was later improved, and made into what effectively is a traveller, by deleting the centre loop.