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As a Laser sailor, I object to the proposed rule changes as preceded by <RMR> in the comments weaved into the rule text pasted below...

4.(g)(i) Sails used in the following womens events shall carry a red
rhombus above the top batten pocket on both sides;

<RMR> If it is a Women's event, why do we need to identify women with a rhombus?

a. world or regional (continental) championships

b. events described as international events by the Notice of
race or Sailing Instructions

<RMR> hmmm...international as opposed to continental as noted in (a)? What is regional?

c. other events that prescribe in the Notice of Race or Sailing
Instructions that women competitors should be identified.]

<RMR> I do not believe that we should leave it up to anyone writing SI's to require gender based identification. I am the regatta chair for Laser Masters North Americans and also the only female registered...do I need a target on my sail?

<RMR> General comment. It may be reasonable at certain events to find ways to idendify different fleets. This can be written into the SI's. It is not necessary to write this into the class rules, and the proposed rule as written is not entirely sensible.
Personally I agree with you (and disagree with the proposed regulation). However, I'm going to stay calmer now as I've already been a bit outspoken in the previous thread about the subject (which might be why not many are adding their thoughts to this thread).

I totally agree with all of you. Firstly, a lot of sports are dumbed down for women, under the premise that they aren't as physically capable of competing as men are. This may be true in some instances, but in sailing it certainly isn't. Secondly, even if the above reason was stated, different classes shouldn't be racing on the same start. Thirdly, if I was in the position of having to race on the same line, I wouldn't want to wear a target, I would want to compete fairly with the other competitors.
I obviously agree with what Rene says, too.

The problem I see is that this rule change will be voted upon by a pool of potential voters that is (as Tracy confirmed) approximately 85% male. It's likely - almost certain - that a percentage of male Laser sailors want females in the fleet to wear this stupid target on their sails. (those narrow-minded fellows I previously mentioned that hate to get "beat by a girl")

The rule will potentially have undesirable effects only on females so only 15% of the voters (maximum) can vote against a rule that will impact only them.

Just my opinion, but . . . maybe only the female Class members should be allowed to vote on this. Anybody??

Is there any way to galvanize the female membership to get busy and vote on this? Anybody got an e-mail list of the female members?

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I voted today! Thanks for pointing out that the voting is open...I wasn't quite sure when it was...been a little busy lately.