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Restructuring of the Capri 14.2 Nat. Assn.


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An ad-hoc committee of C-14.2 Fleet 2 (San Diego) sailors met recently to discuss making changes to the National Assn. in ways that would improve access to information while saving money for all the individual class owners. Note that these changes have been endorsed by the three National Officers. Here is a brief summary of the changes to be implemented:

1 - Eliminate the $20 annual association dues. These are used mainly to pay for the National Regatta trophies, pay for our portion of the Mainsheet magazine, and to maintain the website. We would phase out, over a year's time, our involvement with the magazine by using an expanded website as a way to "get out the word" on issues such as boat maintenance. Website fees will be paid using the national treasury, which has adequate funds to cover these fees for an estimated 13 to 20 years. (The national trophies would be paid for through the regatta fees.)

2 - We will no longer publish the Capri 14.2 Handbook (which are sold for $20 each.) Instead, we will install a downloadable version on the website, which anyone can print out for free. (Except, of course, for the individual cost of paper, about 50 pages.)

3 - We will continue to have a National Regatta each year. In recent years these have been held at San Diego, but if some other fleet wished to host one, we would welcome such a proposal. (The management of the regatta is done by members of Fleet 2, San Diego.)

4 - The present National Officers, Jim Ach, Commodore, Jay Gross, Treasurer, and Ed Jones, Secretary, have all done these jobs for many years and would welcome the opportunity to retire. After an appropriate phase-out interval these functions can be performed by officers of Fleet 2 until new permanent national officers are appointed. Anyone interested in
these positions should contact Ed Jones at rande88@sbcglobal.net.

5 - Lastly, none of these changes should affect the value of your Capri 14.2. Parts will still be available from Catalina Yachts as always, new boat warranties will be unaffected, and the website will be an increasingly valuable resource for advice via the Forum, plus we intend to provide an "encyclopedia" of past maintenance articles from the "Mainsheet" as well.