Restricted Entry to Masters World Champs

My compliments to the North American Laser Class management for creating such a well thought out system....

Yeah right.

Basically, those 35 who registered earliest on the first day, regardless of their skills, get to fill North America's limited positions. .

The wonderful system set up for allocating North American's limited 35 places has a number of great features. Here are a few:

1. 35 year olds are not allowed to enter. Anyone who is 35 this year cannot possibly get a spot as previous Masters racing experience is a criteria.

2. Our champions are being given no special consideration. The following sailors have applied but are not among the first 35 North American Registrants and, despite their credentials, may not be given a space for the 2009 event.

Past World Champions: Doug Peckover, Peter Seidenberg, Mark Bear, Henry De Wolfe,

Recent North American Champions division or overall:
Peckover, Bear, De Wolfe, Bear, Eric Faust, Fred Schroth, Scott Young, Chris Raab, Alden Shattuck

3. The registration "period" is a misleading name for a few minutes followed by a few weeks of essentially closed registration. There are over 160 almost certainly qualified applicants ahead of anyone who has not yet registered or who is waiting for his number from the ISAF ( I still have not received my ISAF confirmation but I did successfully browse their incoming database and find what my number will be when it is eventually issued or I still would not ahve been allowed to register my application)

Seriously. What sort of fruitcake logic allowed the NA Class "management" to set up a system where the current two time North American Chamnpion not only fails to receive an automatic berth but...unless he manages to be at a computer in the first two hours of the advertised two month long registration period, will not be invited to represent North America at the worlds?

I don't know what to make of posts like this... other than to be reminded of the immortal words from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy": Don't Panic.

First of all, there has ALWAYS been a limit to the number of boats that could sail in a Master Worlds and entry has ALWAYS been first come first serve. Both Roses and Terrigal "sold out" within days of entries opening - and for those you had to pay real money right up front. Still, in the end, everyone who was serious about going did get in. And I'm sure it will be true for this event with my prediction that North America will represent something between 1/2 to 2/3 of the total entries. That's many more than have "applied for entry" so far.

The motivation behind the system for North America was discussed in great detail way back in May (for example, see point #3 of this post from the beginning of this thread) when we (ILCA-NA) were first officially notified of the new allocation scheme (though we didn't know at that time what the actual allocation would be). I have yet to see anything that is truly flawed in that, unless you really believe there is something magical about being in the first 35. Remember, that number is set based on ILCA membership worldwide, some 80+ countries - of which only 20, so far, have at least one entry. When the initial allocations end on November 1 the number 35 will cease to have any meaning as it is automatically increased to fill out all available spots.

A different discussion is what sort of system should be implemented for the future? The Australians are in much the same position as North America, with a large geographical area and many sailors not necessarily able to attend qualifying regattas. As I understand it, they have adopted a hybrid system where they split their allocation, awarding berths to top finishers, leaving the rest open to the "first come first serve system".

That is a good system though I think there are some difficulties in transporting it to North America, with the primary issue being that we don't differentiate between Standard and Radial divisions in our Master's Regattas, making it difficult to develop a non-arbitrary system to rank sailors for each of the categories in Master's events. Perhaps as Master's sailing continues to grow we will be able to break into two fleets in the future (though I have the impression that the currently active Master's are very happy with the rig-swapping rule!).

Anyway, that is for the future. For this event I remain confident that everyone who has signed up to date will be registering in November.
Sorry to be all whiney!!


I will venture to make a suggestion for future comnsideration. It won't matter until Worlds is close enough so NA will over attend...suggestion.

Primary suggestion.. We won't have this problem again for a while but why not implement something in the meantime. This will give management and sailors a chance to look at the system while it hardly matters and tweak it to fit our needs.

I think we should have i a starter proposal so folks can bang it around. Perhaps a new thread dedicated to discussion would be nice??

I will start the thread

about my complaining??

Thanks for all your work regardless whether I don't like what you did.
I don't know what to make of posts like this... other than to be reminded of the immortal words from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy": Don't Panic.

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Anyway, that is for the future. For this event I remain confident that everyone who has signed up to date will be registering in November.

I sure hope so . Currently Sally Sharp, long time District secretary of North America's largest by membership District and champion sailor, is at the very lonely bottom of that list.

I would not want to be the one who says to Sally...
"I know it is so close by you could sail to the racecourse from your house. I know you have done as much or more than anybody for Laser sailing in the last many years. I know you are one of the top women sailors on the planet. You waited until day three of the two month sign up period to apply. You can't play!!"


Just sailing
I think there are two distinct groups of people wanting to attend the event. There are truely competitive sailors who are among the top sailors in their own country wishing to compete against other from around the world. You also have a large number of people such as myself who are looking for a "sailing vacation" in a place they haven't been before.

I see nothing wrong with the "sailing vaction" people participating. I think most people participating in Laser master's sailing, it's more social than sport. I will probably never be good enough to outright qualify for a world championship of any type. At the same time, I have sailed Laser and been a class member for many years. I don't view this as an entitlement, but I feel I should be given an opportunity to participate when the event is held in my part of the world.

I believe the entry system, albeit slightly confusing, attempts to address both groups of sailors fairly. Those who have truely qualified will be guaranteed an entry slot, and more importantly a charter boat, from their country's initial allotment. As has been pointed out, everyone else who really wants to attend should eventually get a slot. After all, 350 is a HUGE number of boats.