Restoring Old Daggerboard

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I am restoring a mahogany daggerboard. One handle on the side is broken. I can't find this replacement part anywhere. I could make one but would like to see if the part is available first. Anyone know where I can find this?


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It's very unlikely that such a part can be found--or that it'd be worth buying at any price.

Yesterday, I took a long e-tour of eBay, and found an entire wooden daggerboard--identical to my daily board--but a lot nicer, for $39!

BTW, a West System epoxy repair kit is available online for $29. It's a great introduction to epoxy repair, which could put your board back into operation in a few hours. The downside is that it doesn't include enough resin for major jobs.
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That's what I thought. I will likely build my own. I need only a bit of resin for some of the repair anyway. Thanks for the info

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LAVW has a good idea, check out ebay or craigslist and look for a similar beat up board that you could scavenge a part off of. Or you could post a Wanted Ad in the the Wanted section of this Forum.

I keep an eye on ebay looking for hardware for the 1st generation rudder systems, I need a few of the old square nuts. So far I have found several nice complete rudders but nothing in bad enough shape to pull it apart. Some of the oldest rudders (late 40s Sailfish?) had bronze rivets vs nuts and bolts.

Old rudders make good curio, cut some legs and screw them on.

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I made my own handles several years ago. I used two slices of mahogany decking and fashioned the curved part with a sander.