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Restoring a 1964 Alcort Catfish

Tim H

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I am restoring an Alcort 1964 Catfish. I started with a free one that turned out to be waterlogged, so bought another one and now have double parts for both. What I don't have is an owners manual. I took it all apart and want to make sure I get it back in order.. Anyone know where I can buy a manual or find one online? I've looked all over the place.. I see there are some owners of these on this site. Does it sail well? I've sailed Aqua Cats and Hobie's all my life. Don't think this will be near as comfortable, but hope it's fun and easy to right.....

signal charlie

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There is not an Owner's Manual that we know of, all we have come across is advertising brochures. You can check our blog for photos and videos and ask any questions you have about getting it back together. That Highfeld lever on the front stay kicks my behind every time, I always try to hook it up wrong, maybe I should refresh my memory with the video and photos I shot :)

It is fun to sail, have never been on a Hobie, but the Catfish is heavy and has no jib, so it will not be the speedy ride of a lighter cat and might get stuck in irons a bit. We joked about taking some beach chairs to make it more comfortable.

Curious how you came up with 1964, I thought they came out in 1965?

Welcome to the Catfish Club! A badge of Honor.

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