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Restore Boat's Finish


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Any suggestions on how to restore and protect the fiberglass finish on my recently purchased Mod 3 Capri 14.2?

I am talking about the deck and inside surface of the boat. The fiberglass is white in color but has chalked and is dull in appearance.

Also what about cleaning and polishing/protecting the mast and boom. What works there?


I restored a different boat that was in the condition you describe but also had colored fiberglass decks which had oxidized. I used Meguiar's Mirror Glaze #44 Color Restorer, followed by #45 polish. It was a lot of work but the results were impressive.
The only way to properly refinish gelcoat is to follow a procedure similar to post #17 in this link...

I spent a weekend on my oxidized hull and now it looks like new!
Does Mcguire still make the Diamond cut product for restoring badly oxidized fiberglass hulls? Ten yeas ago i bought a Potter 15 that was pastell light blue until i brought it back to life. I sold the boat for quite a profit after the cleanup. I have been wet sanding the Omega with 2000 grit to get it done faster due to the heat. I will probably buff the hull with some good quality marine wax like Starbrite. The wet sanding also smoothes out most small scratches and discolored spoth from docks etc. I just spent 2 weeks buffing the hull on a Holder 12 that i have put up for sale. Every evening after the sun went behind the trees for an hour. Patience is not a virtue with me, hince the wet sanding. Charley