Replacing spreader info and questions

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After searching, I found our spreaders (2nd gen spreaders, foil shape) at Dwyer Mast PN DH2503C 30" for about $60 ea with shipping.

I have read as much as I can find about angles etc. but had some questions.

1) do people have and use spreader adjusters? Ours had them but the welding shop can't find them after welding spreader bracket job. Any idea where to buy them if answer is yes? Looked all over

2) how best to drill holes in correct area? The holes in the stainless protruded stub aren't the same on each side and the holes on old spreaders are hogged out. I was thinking to get a same sized piece of wood and clamp to stub, get proper angle and draw holes, center punch etc. but open to ideas and tips.


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Thanks J24_Nancy. Mine has a bar that protrudes and I am not sure if it's a thru-bar but it does have an angle. The spreaders I took off had a bit of the back milled off so to get more angle. I got an angle guage for building and I will use that to try to drill holes.