Replacing Jib with furling Jib

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Since I solo much of the time I have on several occasions wished that I could furl the jib. I have a mod 1 that doesn't have a furling jib. Any suggestions about whether or not this is a good idea? I looked online and it looks like the hardware I need will run about $250 plus a new furl jib will be about $350, is it worth it?
Hi Steve.
I have all the stock C14 hardware (see C14 handbook) including: Drum swivel, forestay, top swivel & pennent.
It is all in excellent condition for $150 plus shipping.
I used it with a standard hanked-on-jib (Not sewn onto the wire). It furled nicely.
Simply fix the tack & head to the swivels with S.S. siezing wire.
I liked it a lot for single handing.
If interested, call 805 371 4851.
I bought a generic Ronstan dinghy roller furler and all the necessary parts about a year ago for approx $110. Has always worked perfectly - and worth EVERY penny... see the pdf attachment for details.


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I ended up buying the equipment offered by Ross last fall. With the holidays and then the weather I never got a chance to install it until a couple of weeks ago. The hardware works great using the standard Jib sail which saved me from having to buy a new Jib. Attached are a couple of pictures of the Jib (furled and unfurled.)
IMG_5617.JPG IMG_5618.JPG