Replacing jib hanks

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I plan to replace my jib hanks -- which are currently those nylon clips that keep falling out -- so that I don't have to keep crawling out onto the bow during moments when I'm really needed at the helm.

I know, I know, autofurling. Maybe for Christmas. I'm making hints to all who love me.

I'd like to avoid putting grommets into the sail (see previous statement about autofurling) and so am considering Ronstan snap pistons. Unlike bronze snaps, these just screw on: no need to put in grommets.

My question: does anyone have experience using these for wire?
Here is a link: v

My other question: does anyone have experience with just buying new nylon hanks? They ARE cheap and just screw on. Mine are clearly worn. I'm thinking that new ones might last a season, which is, sigh, likely ending in about a month here in Massachusetts. Then, come Christmas ...

Cheers, Adam
I have a suit of Sobstad sails and they use a unique method for the hanks , They attach a DOT fastener to a short piece of 1 inch wide webbing that has the mating snap fastener attached to it . you wrap that around the stay and snaps back onto the sail . it has worked great for me .


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That sounds secure!

Thanks for the tip, I think I'll check into those. I like the idea of snapping the jib onto the stay and then not having to worry about the dang sail falling off!