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Replacing Hiking strap bungee on a Mod 2


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Any suggestions on how to replace the bungee that holds up the hiking strap about 6 inches back from the hatch on a mod 2. Looks like it would be dead easy on mod 1 or mod 3, but with the cuddy "tube" on the mod 2 there's no way I can see to get to the back of the grommet to feed a new one through or tie off its end.

Mine's rotted out and doesn't smell too good.

Apologies if the answer's on this forum and I've missed it. Please point me if so. I searched under "shock cord" and "hiking strap" but didn't find the answer. I DID however find good advice on the CB shock cord....... which I replaced this afternoon.:)




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I'm in the same boat as you are. I just aquired a Mod 2 and all the shock cord has long rotted away. I was hoping I could just tie a knot in the shock cord, and because of the elastic nature of the stuff, use a screwdriver or such to poke the know through grommet. Of course I've not tried this and am hopeful for a more informed answer.


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On my Mod 1, I cut off the old cord & bought a replacement at West. I tied each end to a 1/4" piece of all thread about 1.5 inches long and fed it through the grommet holes. The cord is short enough that its tension keeps the all thread tight against the inside of the boats side and the hiking straps off the sole.


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Remove and replace the cuddy tube

I just replaced the bungee on my Mod 2. Unless my boat is a wierd "one off" version all I had to do is unscrew the "snap screws", break the seal, and slide the cuddy tube out. It was easy to remove the tube and reach around to install the new bungee.

I remove the cuddy tube, inspect the inside, and reinstall/reseal at the beginning of every season to make sure the boat is watertight. I first removed it to install additional floatation bags under the bow since I heard the cuddy tube wasn't completely water tight.


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New Bungee

I just replaced mine too (1987 MODEL) I used 1/4" bungee. My theory was to tie a "figure eight" knot in one end. Due to the larger diameter cord, no washer or other retainer was needed to keep bungee from coming through the hole. I fished it through the other side and stretched the living bejesus out of it. I tied a figure eight on the other end and let it go(carefully). I was very lucky as it was the correct length....... sometime common sense is better then manufacturer recommendations.