Replacing a 14.2 mast step


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Looking for advice here. I damaged my mast step, snapping one of the 4 screws holding it to the boat and bending it. I have the new step. Trouble is, the machine screws are held under the fiberglass by a nut and washer with no access (I think). I've managed to work 2 of 3 remaining screws out, but am wondering how I'm going to install the new screws. May have to cut the fiberglass underneath top of the forward storage cubby since it appears to be adhered to the rest of the boat. Anyone else ever do this? Wish I could say the damage was caused by someone else.


I am working on a 1988 14.2 project. My mast step was also bolted through, after reading through the forums, they are suppose to be just wood screws holding the mast step down (Not a Nut & Bolt). A wood screw should allow less damage if the mast falls and it will only pull the wood screws out. I removed my bolted in nuts and bolts and epoxied wooden dowels in. I will then re drill holes for the wood screws. See attached photos.

Hope this helps. 20190421_210713.jpg 20190422_210854.jpg
I thought it was 1/4” diameter but I’ll double check. I didn’t want to drill out too big of a hole. For the screws I used the largest I could find that would fit in the existing holes in the mast step. I believe they were a #10 stainless.