Replace bailer ball (Metal Bailer)

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Thank you for the replies. I have been away and have not had anytime to investigate anymore on this. But looks like some answers have been given. Now I just need to purchase some stuff and see it if works.


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I have two De Persia bailers. One of them is on my 1973 Viking. The other one is from an early 60s Scorpion. Neither one of them is threaded. I've never seen a threaded version. The stopper on mine just pop up and neither one of them are corroded.
In a "Viking" Sunfish, I just had an occasion to view the pop-up version of the De Persia bailer. It's held in by two strong metal springs, but with a little force, the stopper can be removed. They both appear to be aluminum.

Here's both versions, side-by-side:

Fullscreen capture 7112017 61824 PM.bmp.jpg