Repairing Damaged Centerboard

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Last weekend after a capsize we accidently put a 3-4 inch hairline crack on the trailing edge of a foam racing centerboard. The blade is now extremely weak near this crack and can be flexed. Does anyone have experience fixing this type of damage or have suggestions on how to do it?

Further, I understand that there are metal rods or wires inside the blade. How close are they to the trailing edge?
I would use water thin superglue to stabilize a crack like the one in your board. It will wick into the crack and once cured will make the board as strong as it was originally. I use “Hot Stuff” made by Satellite City. You can buy it from woodworking and hobby stores (do a search on Google for online sources). There are other brands that will work just as well (Rockler Woodworking and Stewart MacDonald sell their own brands that are also good). I used “Hot Stuff” with fiberglass cloth to repair my board after it took a “crunch” from a sunken log. It is holding up well after a month of additional sailing.