Removing bottom paint

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Can anyone give me the quick and dirty rundown on what is involved with removing bottom paint? I just bought a new Capri, but it's been kept in the water. I thought I could just take it to a boatyard for a couple hunderd dollars, but I was just told that the job is so labor intensive that it will cost me more than what I paid for the boat.

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I had had a link that listed all the steps in doing a bottom. I will post it as soon as I find it.

BTW, I just had a bottom job done on a 1986 Capri 14.2 that I recently bought. It had old, chipping bottom paint. The whole job, which including sanding, smoothing, and painting with two coats of “trailerable� white epoxy, cost ~$220. I was also initially told it would cost more than I paid for the boat, but I checked around and most places that quoted $40 per foot revised their estimates down to $20 or less when they saw the boat. The 14.2 is significantly smaller than most of the boats they normally do bottom jobs on, and therefore required a lot less work.

I would check around.