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Removal of the sticky glue after removing the numbers: talcum powder helps!


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I heard a neat trick today from a guy who sells Optimax optimist sails here in Holland:

When removing or re-numbering a sail, there's always a sticky residue on the sail. Sticker remover is not always the solution: some fluids 'attack' the fabrics of the sail. The trick from the Optimax-guy:

- Remove the numbers
- Re-apply the new numbers, without cleaning the surface. If you use the talcum powder too early in the process, then there's a chance that the new glue won't hold!
- Use talcum powder: sprinkle the powder on the sticky parts and leave it there
- Just store the sail, (or use it)
- The powder will absorb the tacky-ness and the first time the sail gets wet, the powder will wash off and will take the dried-out glue with.

I haven't tried this myself. So be careful. But worth a try.


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Sounds easy! I have used in the past talcum powder with windscreen washer fluid; the resulting mix (with the glue) is reasonably easy to scrape off with a dull knife.

My local sailmaker uses acetone, and they say it shouldn't do any measurable harm to the sailcloth.